Marcus Herbert On the Issues

Reducing Recidivism

It is OK to be tough on crime, but we must also show compassion. The Rock Island County Sheriff's Office will do this by helping people with what they need to be successful in the community. We will work to provide assistance to get people back on their feet after release. The GED program absolutely needs to be brought back. Let’s get these folks educated and earn their GED if they don’t have a high school diploma or GED.

I will also introduce a program to provide job application and resume assistance, including helping people with job placement after they have been released. The more people are able to care for themselves and take back their own responsibilities, the less trouble they will get in. 


Addressing Mental Health

With the lack of state funding, we at the Sheriff’s Office have now been forced to wear several hats. We receive the basics of mental health training and are not mental health professionals. Unfortunately, we are not equipped to deal with the influx of individuals who are mentally ill. For most, jail is not the place for them.


My plan includes a way to better respond to individuals who are suffering from mental illness. I will work with local Social Services to address ways to have an on-call mental health professional who would get dispatched with our Deputies when dealing with someone who is suffering from a mental illness. 


Recruitment and Retention

Working 16 hours per day for 4-5 days a week is not healthy. We should not have employees who have 20+ years in, who quit or are considering quitting. At a certain point, we have to look at ourselves and say what can WE do better? There is a reason employees are unhappy. There is a reason the number of applicants have declined. Recruitment practices will be modernized. We have to do better and we will do better when I’m elected.